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From Sis:

Wes and I are now enjoying the FL half of our lives. We do think of you all at the Christmas party and look forward to seeing the pictures.

Al and Janet report that:

Jon and Katie are engaged and planning a Fall wedding.

Greg graduated from Drexel and is working in NYC as a Graphic Designer.

Kevin is in his senior year of high school and looking at prospective colleges.

Steve and Donna are looking forward to Spring when they are to become grandparents again. This time TWINS!

Jeff and Claire had a lovely birthday party for me in June. They all claim it was my 80th, but I'm sure it can't be that many.


From Claire:

Jeff and I had a terrific time on our trip. We spent a few days in London and then traveled north to Warwick to stay with a friend and her husband there. They have an old house. We thought we had an old house. Theirs dates to 1395—a bit older than ours! It was in the shadow of Warwick Castle and we spent an enjoyable day touring it and climbing many, many, many steep stairs to the tops of turrets. After that we took the train further north to a town near Lake Windermere and spent a few days there driving down some of the narrowest roads we’ve seen but also across the Yorkshire dales which are open and beautiful. We drove for miles without seeing anything other than sheep and cows and an occasional stone cottage. We finished our trip with a couple of days in Scotland at the country house inn we first visited shortly after we were married. As I told my mother afterwards, it has aged better than I have!




From Chad & Loretta:

We spent our summer vacation in Florida, a little north of Gainesville around High Springs.

We like it there a lot, it's the home of cave diving which is irresistible.

This extended trip was kind of a trial run as we are thinking about buying a house there and spending a part of the year there. It's hard to tear ourselves away from the cultural paradise of Broken Arrow, OK but we're thinking we can do it.

While there we continued cave diving, meeting interesting folks, meeting new caves, started photographing the inside of caves which is tricky for a bunch of reasons. A few photos of caves to the right.

Aside from that, the dive school had a record year and overall this was without a doubt our busiest diving year yet.


This fall we had the misfortune to have a plumbing break upstairs in our house. It was the first time we've woken up to the sound of a waterfall in our dining room. Anyway, 2 months and $30k of the insurance company's money it's pretty much all fixed.





From Lynn:

Charlie is sad to see the summer come to an end, and with it, the end of the sailing season.  He has gotten his boats put away, except maybe his kayak, which is ready if a warm day comes along.  Charlie is finishing up some projects around the house, getting ready to head back to Florida just after Christmas.

Jonathan celebrated his 21st birthday and is back at Rider University.

Lauren and Dane have announced their engagement and we are having fun planning their wedding coming up in May 2011.  After an exhaustive search, Lauren and Dane found a house they love and if all goes well, they will be closing on it mid-November!  Lynn and Peter are happy because it is just five miles up the hill from their house.  It will be convenient for taking care of their “grand-puppies”, Teddy and Chloe!



Lynn and Peter had a wonderful trip to Europe this summer.  Beginning with a few days in Amsterdam during the World Cup soccer was so exciting with the Netherlands competing. The whole city was draped in orange in support of their team!


We fell in love with all the canals there and also with the smaller sailing villages we visited.  We saw a sign for a sale in someone’s back garden and we got to walk through their 1600’s era house-fun but Peter thought maybe we would have trouble getting that wedding chest dated 1629 home. Darn!


We cruised down the Rhine through Germany with its beautiful castles.

On the evening of July 4, as it got dark and Cologne became a silhouette in the distance, we were thrilled to see fireworks on the shore!

The Alsatian region of France was beautiful.  We were surprised to see canals again in Strasbourg and storks roosting in the trees.

We ended with several days in Switzerland where we enjoyed unbelievable views, wonderful food and the wind-chime music of the bells worn by the cows and goats.

We could see the Matterhorn from our window in Zermatt!

We had lunch at the summit of the Gornergrat – 10,269 feet up!

After leaving the Alps, we didn’t think we could be impressed by any more vistas.  We were wrong! Lucerne was breathtaking.
Lake Lucerne and Mount Pilatus, which overlooks it, were amazing.

We feel so lucky to have seen this part of the world!  It was a great vacation to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary!


From June:

WELL!! This is the nudge's report after taking care of all problems attendant to the BUZZ and the Christmas party. ALSO - Charlie did help in determining what Sandie and Keith have in mind when they (attend the Christmas party to find out just who "they" are) spotted a BIG for sale sign in front of the Jacksons house.

My Liz (ELIZABETH JUNE) and her Ben are busy paying college bills etc. etc. Liz continues to be one of the best special ed teachers that I have known, and the comments that her students and parents say about her are heartwarming. Bennett works day and night at his "chosen profession" computer something or other with Citibank. On occasion calming the troubled waters there or causing the waters to be troubled.

Cameron is now a senior at Syracuse. And I look forward to his graduation, some 60 years after mine. ISH. He will be an engineer, looking for a job in 2011. Mackenzie JUNE is a sophomore at Rutgers and English and psychology seem to interest least I think.

My Ben and Janine are committed to their various charities while Ben continues to trade at home, now that the trading routine has changed drastically. Don't know what happened to "trades shall be shouted loudly under a tree". I'm sure that Ben will correct me, but then he should have written this. Charlie and I, and I am sure that Chad will agree, the next generation has passed the duties back to us...THE GREATEST GENERATION.

I have watched both of their daughters play tennis for Gill - Kendall, a senior, did a good job until she injured herself and ended up on crutches, but still won her match. Kristin, a sophomore at Gill has survived the tennis season without injury. BUT word has it that she is creating Thanksgiving dinner for us all. To my mind that is courage/confidence and culinary expertise.

Now to my # 2 son, #3 kid. CLIFF. He is slowly being severed from my hip. Happily all of our work at the NJ Association of the Deaf Blind has allowed me to be pleased and relieved re Cliffie's future without me. He is ensconced in his group home during the week days in Somerville. On the weekends he is home with us (see below for "us"). The reason that I am relaxed about the whole transition is that his home is in one time a quick buggy ride with Uncle Charlie or Arthur cracking the whip driving the bunch from the farm into Somerville for fun and games . Actually the only game in town, at that time what did White House have to offer, other than the White House Nine - the baseball team - that Mom played on along with Paul Robeson which she was quick to tell me. So to my mind, heart and concerns it is all a good thing - full circle.

Equestrian Cliffie rides with the Somerset Hills handicapped riders and is quite drawn to pretty YOUNG side walkers, much to the delight of his walkers, both have learned to sign so they can tell him stuff. They know a lot, having helped him win a couple of blue and red ribbons.

Cliffie continues to amaze me - and his doctors. He has everyone under his control until "us" arrived. Cliff and I adopted/rescued bad dog Abbie. At times known as fat dog Abbie, or a loaf of bread on 4 legs. Rather than our adopting her , I feel at times that she has adopted us.

Earlier this year, Liz, Ben and Ben and Janine with Kristin, along with Pete and Pat traveled to New Brunswick to join in the celebration honoring Cliff at the annual meeting of NJ Providers Assoc. Cliffie was as happy as he could be (people paying attention to him and he even danced with Kristin). He was commended for the work he does at the animal shelter, the work at NJADB and the progress he has made in his life.

He is happy when he comes home and I think he is happy when he goes to his group home. He won't tell me. I have set his life and protection up the best that I can and hopefully it will work. We are finished going to Bermuda, thank goodness, but have driven in the past years to Ben and J's house at Hilton Head and to Lake George with Pete and Pat. Cliff is not much of a copilot, but we get there. Only one wrong turn on Hilton Head Island itself. Can't complain about that.

That's our lives...

From Gil:

Jeff's son Chris and Kate Neafsey were married on July 11th at Lake George. For a full briefing and photos, perhaps Jeff will provide.




I had the incredible pleasure and honor of commissioning my youngest son, Greg, on Friday as a 2nd Lt. in the US Army at Colorado State Univ and attending his graduation on Saturday night with Barbara. Greg's goal is aviation and flying helicopters. We are very proud of this young man. With us is #2 son, Bart.


My oldest son, Randy, and Leslie Ogino Quinn were married on Saturday, 25 September, at the Chebeague Island Inn on Chebeague Island off the coast of Yarmouth, ME. Randy and Leslie put on an amazing extravaganza with, first, an intimate family dinner at their house in Yarmouth on Thursday night and then on to a great lobster bake at the South Freeport home of a Philadelphia friend of Randy's overlooking the sound and nearby islands on Friday evening. The whole wedding contingent traveled from Chebeague Island to Freeport harbor via ferry on a wonderfully warm and sunny afternoon and then were bussed off to the party venue. Returning to Chebeague Island after a great evening, we were treated to one of Maine's pea soup fogs for the ferry ride back. We Navy types, Cousin Ken and I, and others manned the bridge to assist with lookout duties as we very slowly cleared the anchored boats in the harbor. Then, with the technological blessings of GPS and radar, we steamed all ahead full back to the island through the fog without incident. There was even a lovely moon that peaked through the fog clouds from time to time.

The wedding day broke warm and sunny, lucky for this time of year in Maine. Family and friends pitched in with many unfinished tasks to have everything ready for the wedding and festivities. At 2 pm the traditional photo ops started with a shot of the bride and groom with parents and step-parents. The wedding was lovely in the late afternoon sun and a fine setting for a photo of the latest Mr. and Mrs. Engler (image 8431). I also had the rare opportunity to get a photo of my grown up four together at one time - Randy, Greg, Lindsay and Bart (image 8435) Then it was cocktails and hors d'oeuvres as the sun set. Finally, dinner under a tent, stars and moon on the lawn below of the hotel and lots of fun with family and friends around long into the night.

So for the GGE's, four weddings down and two to go!



The seemingly endless boathouse project at Peter Haven finally did end Columbus Day weekend this year with all planned tasks completed - a pleasing project but cousin Ken says it's too tall! A cast of over two dozen, one from as far away as New Zealand, were involved over the course of almost a year and a half. It wouldn't have happened without those contributions of time and energy from family and friends. We incorporated boat storage, ping pong/game room and workshop into the structure. The beloved 100 or so year old toolhouse up by the driveway came down as part of the agreement with town zoning. One era ends and another begins.


Randy and Leslie are living in NYC where Randy is part of a launch of a new website for buying used cars, Those of you thinking about buying a used car in the Boston area, the "Beta" launch area, might find the website usefull. Leslie is a graphics designer and apparently has more work than she can handle. Bart, Jen, Luke (4) and Cole (2) are well ensconced in their new home in New Smyrna Beach, FL happy to have much more room for the boys. Lindsay remains in Flagstaff pursuing a nursing career and Army 2nd LT, Greg, is at Fort Rucker, AL beginning his helicopter training. He will apparently be flying Blackhawks ( He may be buzzing your house within a couple of years!


From Randy -

-Leslie Quinn (now Engler) and I got married on September 25th on Chebeague Island in Maine. Amazing weekend with all of our friends and family around.

I recently launched a new company that helps buyers of used cars find the absolute best price from dealers who are willing to compete for their business. The company is called Mojo Motors ( Launched our beta in the Providence, RI & Boston, MA markets and expanding nationally this spring. Check it out.

This year, we will be celebrating the 5th anniversary of the North Country Triathlon which benefits a number of charities in Upstate New York. I built this race after leaving eBay in 2006 and it has now grown to over 500 racers coming into the town of Hague on Lake George from 14 states and 5 countries, and over 150 energetic volunteers (

More from Gil:

Barbara and I are steaming as before, me in my home inspection business and Barbara as Nurse Manager of the OR at INOVA Alexandria Hospital. We are very pleased to announce that Barbara has been named Nurse of the Year at her hospital, a well deserved honor bestowed on her by a vote of the surgical doctors at the hospital. She really does an amazing job for them! Bravo, Barbara! They are so lucky to have you!


From Mary:

Jenny and Jordan Wilson are happy to announce the arrival of Finn Thomas Wilson, born September 8, 2010. His middle name is in honor of his maternal grandfather, Tom Behr. He shares a birthday with his father, just as his sister Maggie Grace shares a birthday with her maternal great-grandfather, Howard Engler. Clever children! Finn is handsome and smiley. Maggie continues to captivate all of us with her quirky personality. She's beautiful and brilliant, if we do say so ourselves. Betsey spent the summer on the road: she worked on a Habitat for Humanity house in the N. Dakota (highlight: an up-close sighting of a buffalo herd) and went on a Disney cruise on the Baltic Sea (highlights: stops in Russia, a long-held dream). Mary is a freelance book editor (technical books), so she can also take her show on the road. She spent the fall at the lake. She drove over to Vermont twice a week and so was able to spend many lovely afternoons watching General Hospital with a sleeping Finn. She also taught Maggie to call her "Awesome Mary." We wish everyone a lovely holiday season!


From Robin:

Stephen’s senior recital went very well.  Tom and my parents and I along with Ryan and Tyler attended.  We were all blown away by how well Stephen can play a Sax.

Tyler has had two very long days.  The Manasquan High School Marching Band performed in Time Square at the Band of Pride Tribute. They then returned to New York today to perform in the Veteran’s Day Parade.

That is all that is new with the Robert Lee’s at this time.  Everyone is either continuing to work, go to school attend sports events, etc.


My husband Tom was named one of New Jersey's Top Doctors in NJ Monthly November 2010. It is quite and honor and we are all so proud of him.


Just got this from Stephen's school. Thought it was pretty neat. Tom and I along with Ryan and Tyler will be going out to see him perform. Also my parents will be attending.

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From Noel:

Dieta and Noel have announced the engagement of their daughter Christina Joy Engler to Patrick Dennis Cunningham, son of Colonel and Mrs. Patrick Cunningham of Buffalo, New York. A spring 2011 wedding is being planned in Sarasota, Florida. Christina is a 1996 graduate from Kenyon College and is the Gulf Coast Regional Business Manager for Reckitt Benckiser, Inc. Patrick is a 1991 graduate from Ball State University and is a Landscape Architect with his own firm, Patrick D. Cunningham, LLC.

Grant Engler has completed Weichert Realtors’ real estate course and is preparing to take the NJ state test in the very near future. He will be an agent selling homes in Western New Jersey for Keller Williams Realty.

KGE family:

Last March, we sailed in the Bahamas with good friends on a 40 ft catamaran with captain and cook. Enid would choose a catamaran again, but Ken says he would go back to a bareboat mono-hull next charter, and he had that chance! In November he and two other men helped a friend sail his 40 foot mono-hull sloop from Annapolis to the Bahamas. It was around the time of Hurricane Tomas, and bad weather required a diversion to Charleston, SC for five days. The route from the Chesapeake to Charleston took them close past Cape Hatteras, Cape Fear and through a corner of the Bermuda Triangle. Some heavy following seas made for tough work on the helm. All in all, an exhilarating experience, but next sail will probably be in easier waters.

Karen and Jud are well settled into life in Middlebury, VT. Karen is working part time for the college admissions office. Julia is in first grade, Kellan is in his second year of nursery school. Both are doing well and enjoying it. Jud’s business is thriving. Their large lot allows room for a large vegetable garden, lots of bike trails, and access to a pond (for skating). All four ski at the Middlebury Snow Bowl. And our most frequent days of skiing are there with them too.

Steve and Lisa are expecting a baby girl in January. We are all very excited to welcome another family member, but we know it will be a tough adjustment for big brother Samuel. Lisa works with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation reviewing the environmental impact of proposed construction projects. On Lisa’s work days they take Samuel to a day care center only three blocks away. Steve is still with Sasaki Associates, an architectural planning and engineering firm. He is also Chairman of the Watertown Bicycle and Pedestrian Committee Committee which will soon be opening a new bike path near their town. They enjoy living in Watertown MA just a few miles from Boston where they can both ride to work by bicycle on nice days.

Enid and Ken are well settled into the year-round Lake George scene. Both are active in Ticonderoga Kiwanis, Enid is busy with the Hague Historical Society, and Ken is still the purser of the Northern Lake George Yacht Club, and board secretary of the Lake George Association. We hope to be able to get to the party December 26th.




From Bruce:

Patricia just turned 87 years young and still continues her regular exercise routine at the YMCA as well as painting and gardening.

Bruce sold his log house (without a realtor) in April and considers himself the luckiest man on the planet. It allowed him to move in with his lovely wife, Kim. Such a concept, husband and wife in the SAME house. About to celebrate their first year of marriage, Bruce & Kim now live in Great Meadows, NJ with Kiko the dog.

Wendy has gone back to school for study in the sciences, currently chemistry & biology. She hopes to eventually get into bio-technology.

Heidi's daughter, Darcy, just started working at The Florida Hospital in Case Management. A new path in her career, and very different from what she was doing before in child welfare. She is excited about getting involved with medical social work. Still living in Orlando.

Heidi's other daughter, Kristen & husband Brad, just sold their house in Denver, closing this past Thursday. They were approved for their new house just outside of Phoenix less than 24 hours later. They are celebrating the timing of it all, not to mention the relief. Brad still works for GE , Kristen works in the ICU and ER as a nurse. They are accompanied by a "Doggie & two kitties" and recently enjoyed a trip to the Mediterranean. Things are looking up for the Belina's.

Bruce's tree house
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After having been a runner for 25 years or so, Heidi finally ran in two 5K races within 5 days of each other! One benefited the VNA/Hospice and the other was for the Harvest Food Outreach Center. Although she would have just been happy to report that she made it to the other side without walking, the final statistics surprised even her! In the first race, she placed 36th out of 283 participants. In the second race, she placed 249th out of 900 participants. She discovered she had run the three plus miles in 27 minutes or so. Not too bad for an older newcomer!

From Brett:

After having retrieved all my belongings from Washington state, California, and Madison, NJ, NYC, and Ramsey (well, almost all) in April, my fiance, Michelle (Reeves), and I moved into temporary living quarters in Mendham, NJ in a gardners' cottage on an estate. She commutes two hours one way by train into NYC to Estee Lauder while I drive to Somerset Medical Center for my occupation as emergency RN. Our schedules have been much less than ideal! However, changes are on the horizon regarding jobs and geographic location. Stay tuned.
Meanwhile, she and I competed in the Xterra Triathlon in Lake Placid in August, and, though we completed the race, the rain and mud were the true winners! Otherwise, we take advantage of the area around here by hiking , cycling, kayaking as best we can!

Pt Reyes National Seashore north of San Fran, CA

Michelle in jail in Seligman, AZ due to we had no money to pay for speeding ticket.

The third photo reveals that we completed the Lake Placid Xterra Triathlon.




Old News - Submitted by Sis:

This is indeed Old News. I came across today some notes that I had taken while talking with Aunt Ruth one day. She was certainly the family historian. Some of these tales, I'm sure, we older ones remember hearing, but maybe some of the younger ones haven't.

The Englers at the farm in White House were the first in their neighborhood to own a car. Theirs had a rumble seat. The driver of the family was my dad, Charles Jr. One day he took out Grandma, Aunt Eva (Grandma's sister) and Aunt May (I don't know who she was.). The car had a flat tire and Dad went to fix it and ended up breaking his arm.
What happened next was not reported.

Arthur attended Somerville High School. For some reason he went up on its roof. (Up to no good, said Aunt Ruth) His foot went through the roof and he was expelled from the school. He was sent to Jersey City to live with the grandparents and start work at Engler Lumber Company.

Arthur went into the Navy in 1917. He was stationed at Pensacola FL. There was a terrible epidemic of influenza at that time and he sent home stories of bodies piled up high waiting for burial.

Charles was drafted into the army in 1918. He was sent to an Army base for basic training, but the Armistice was declared in a matter of days and his father went to bring him home. It was then that he started work at Engler Lumber.

Aunt Ruth and Uncle Bob went to play one winter day at the farm and Grandma told them to take Kenny along. Kenny was bundled up and tied onto a sled. Ruth and Bob had a great time playing in the snow until it started to get late. They dragged Ken home on the sled. Grandma took one look at him and declared him half frozen. She (and this is what Aunt Ruth said) put him in the oven to thaw. One must assume the door was open and the heat not extreme. Any way, Ken survived and all was well.

I love these old stories.