February 2010

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Family group reporters: NEXT ISSUE NEWS DEADLINE: September 30, 2010
  Arthur Edward branch - Dr. Barbara Engler
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Evelyn Broderson branch - June
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This message was sent to the Web site:

I found your family newsletter online and felt after much discussion that I should reach out to you and the Engler family. I'm a big frequenter of antique shops and yard sales, and at some point came across a Precious Moments baby book that was made for Arthur Edward Engler II by his mother. It was and is totally adorable and sweet, and I had bought it simply because of those facts. It has a few photos, and tons of details about who bought what for baby, who was at the first birthday - all the things you put in an album like this - but it also has letters from camp (signed "Love Butch"), Valentines, and even a few holiday cards from the Arthur Edward Englers.

By no means do I mean to be intrusive into any family affairs. I'm not sure if the book was given away on purpose or sold in an estate sale. But if it was lost or given away in error, then perhaps some member of the family might want to reclaim it. If so I'd be more than happy to send it to someone who might appreciate it.


I've attached the front page and the family tree section of the book.

If you have any interest please feel free to email me back.

Again, if no one is interested I'll just hang onto it. (I'm certainly not looking for any kind of recompense! )

Best wishes to you,

The book was returned to Barbara after she contacted the nice person who sent the e-mail.


From Suzanne:

“The Richard Engler family still finds itself divided between Florida and Texas. Several trips made back and forth during the summer and fall kept us all in close contact. Suzie and Danielle miss Grandma and Grandpa very much, and delight in seeing the beach during our visits. Easily the most enjoyable visit was having Richard and Arlene visit Texas for the New Years holiday and to celebrate Mom’s birthday. We are actively trying to convince them to pull up roots and move to Texas!! For Mom’s 70th Birthday, Richard Jr. surprised us with tickets to watch the Cowboys beat the Eagles at their new stadium in Arlington, TX. We had great seats and what an amazing experience that stadium is!!! We will continue our efforts to inspire relocation to Texas with many more visits this spring.

Suzanne and Danny’s girls are growing like crazy – Suzie (5) will be starting kindergarten in the fall and Danielle (3) is right behind her. Both girls are enjoying Texas and their new schools. They are picking up Spanish quickly as well as learning all about the wild, wild west. However, their favorite thing so far, seems to be all the snow we’ve gotten in the last few weeks. We spent the fall traveling the region including a wonderful camping trip to Hot Springs, AR.

Mom and Dad will be celebrating 49 wonderful years together in July of this year, while Richard and Jacque celebrated 18 years on February 2. Time really does fly doesn’t it? We are planning a wonderful family vacation in the summer months to celebrate both! Next year we are hoping to globe trot a bit and celebrate in Australia!!

All of that being said, life has been generous to the Richard Engler branch and we are thankful for our health, happiness, and wonderful family!!”

From Lynn:

Charlie is staying warm this winter between Bonita Springs and Orlando, Florida, having been gone since the day after new year's. He says he is getting closer to his parent's routine of leaving the day after Christmas. There have been jazz concerts at the beach and day trips to Sanibel Island. He visited with Sis and Wes and met a former employee of Engler Instrument Company, who worked there over forty years ago. Rich Biali made contact wiith Chad through the family website. Every time Charlie thinks about heading home, another snowfall hits- it could be a long time until spring!

Peter has been working on a major move of D&B data centers, giving him a chance to visit scenic Arkansas! Yeah! The move was scheduled to start during Thanksgiving weekend because the system would be little used those days with businesses being closed. Lynn secretly wonders if he was just visiting his "other family"!

Lynn has seen the close of one of her child advocacy cases, happily, with the family back together and the young mother enrolled in nursing school! Lynn has also been spending many days with a dear friend who's husband is terminally ill. Sad times, but made lighter by looking for those "Seinfeld moments" that occur every day for comic relief!

Lynn and Peter are planning a big trip for their 30th wedding anniversary! More to follow next issue...

Lauren is enjoying her new management position at Coach and, as always, the company discount! As we speak, she is taking her doggie Teddy for a walk/hop through the foot deep snow. He makes his way "bunny rabbit" style, since he is so small!

Jonathan is doing well in his junior year at Rider. He takes the Special Olympics kids bowling on Monday nights, and he has been getting to know the international students better and better, especially one particular french girl, Noémie! Trés jolie!









Jonathan & Noemie

For anyone who asked about the broccoli salad at Great Grandma's party at Charlie's last summer, here is the recipe. We're all looking forward to this year.

Broccoli Salad:

1 - 2 heads broccoli florets
1 medium red onion, chopped
1/2 lb bacon, cooked until crispy, crumbled
1/2 box dark raisins
9 oz can sliced water chestnuts

Dressing: Mix well:1 cup mayo, 1/3 (or a little less to taste), 3 T cider vinegar

Mix first five ingredients and toss with dressing. Refrigerate 2 hours before serving.


From Chad & Loretta:

We spent Thanksgiving taking a group of divers to The Bahamas for diving and turkey. The sunset photo is the view you get while eating you complete turkey dinner on the pier.





While the Bahamas don't offer much fresh exploration it's fun there because you get to play around with dolphins and some pretty large fish, wrecks etc. A little bit of everything.

For Christmas we stayed at Dad's new house which luckily for us now accepts reservations. It's easy to see why he likes it so much there as anywhere you are in the house has a view of the lake.

In March we're going to Florida to take a class in advanced wreck diving.



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From Gil:

Many of the family and some very good friends helped demolish the old boat house at Peter Haven, the family home on Lake George, over Memorial Day Weekend 2009 and helped erect a new one, bigger and better, over many late summer and fall weeks and weekends on into December (photos attached). We are close to 95% complete hoping to finish early this summer. The wrecking crew in photo #2 are Chris Engler, Randy Engler, Randy's fiance, Leslie Quinn, Jeff Engler, step-son-in-laws Tim Juliani and Eric Schneider and moi.

The Brodersons and Kinkels had long stays this past summer in the cottages we rent at Peter Haven and I think all had good relaxing times even if the weather didn't always cooperate.

Randy and Leslie live and work in NYC and Maine with no specific date yet set for their wedding. Leslie is a free lance graphics designer. Randy, among other things and as founder of the North Country Triathlon, is busy planning for the 4th annual meet to be held Saturday, June 26th, in Hague. Last year 350 athletes participated, up well over 50% from the previous year. Much of the proceeds go to four different charities. So come on up, Engler athletes, and join in!

Bart, Jen, Luke (3) and Cole (18 mos.) are cruising along in Florida where Bart works for a company selling automated software solutions to the healthcare industry covering most of the state of Florida. Jen has opened an esthetician studio in concert with an endrocronologist nearby in Edgewatrer, FL. Lindsay remains in Flagstaff, AZ attempting to shovel out of a recent 4 1/2 feet of snow and finishing up her prerequisites for nursing school. Greg is in his last semester at Colorado State in Ft. Collins majoring in history. Along with receiving his diploma, he will be commissioned a 2nd Lt. in the United States Army on May 14 and 15th. He plans to stay on in Colorado after graduation. Barbara continues her excellent work managing the OR at INOVA Alexandria Hospital while I continue performing home inspections in Metro DC and working on our 350 sq. ft. family room addition and new kitchen.

Jeff and Sally are in the thick of planning for the wedding of son, Chris, to Kate Neafsey in July at Lake George. Jeff and Sally hosted Kate's folks at the lake in August, I guess to show them what poor Kate is getting herself into. Chris has had multiple acceptances to law school. I believe Cornell Law School is first choice (would be handy as Chris and Kate own a home nearby) but final decisions have not yet been made to my knowledge as they wait to see who is the highest bidder. Jeff's daughter Caitlin is living in Norwalk, CT with significant other, Greg Schramek, and where Kate is teaching remedial reading to 6th and 7th graders.
Hope all is well with y'all.







From Robin:

Tom, Tyler and I just returned from a fantastic trip to New Zealand, with Tom’s brother and wife Debby.  It was a trip of a lifetime.  There were so many things to see and do.  Unfortunately, Ryan had to work and Stephen was at school so they were unable to join us.

My Mom and Dad are spending 2 + weeks down in Florida.  I have talked to them and they seem to be enjoying themselves, though it is not as warm they would like.  They should be returning to Jersey the end of February or early March.
We had a party on January 23rd  to celebrate Mom’s 75th birthday, which was actually February 10th.  All of the grandchildren were able to get home from school, etc. to celebrate this special day.

Bob and Laura were able to get away for a few days to Mt. Snow to do some snowboarding with Eric, Emily and her better half Matt.  The pictures Emily posted looks like they had a great time.

Beth and Tim just spent a few days skiing also with the kids.  Beth tells me it was great fun that they now can ski altogether.  Apparently Grant (5) has achieved a level where he keeps up with the rest of the family.

That is all the news for now from the Robert Engler side of the family.  I know we are all ready for spring around here.  My parents said it was going to be a bad winter due to the number and size of acorns on their property this fall.  We have all had enough snow for this year.

From Noel, Sandie:

The 2009 Engler Christmas party was held at Jeff and Claire Miller’s beautiful home in Bernardsville, New Jersey. They were most gracious hosts and pulled out all the stops to ensure that everyone in attendance had a festive and good time.

Cousin Charlie was at the party and so were his daughter Lynn and Peter Kinkel and their son Jonathan, their daughter Lauren and her friend Dane also Chad and Loretta. Loretta and Chad flew in from Oklahoma on Christmas Eve and had a bit of a delay with Charlie waiting for them over an hour at the airport, they flew back the day after the party. Al, Sis’s oldest son and his wife Janet had driven in from Pennsylvania.

June was there with Cliffy and Peter and Pat Broderson were down from Vermont. Liz and her husband Ben were there with son Cameron and girlfriend Sonja (From Hawaii), and daughter Mackenzie and her boyfriend Sam. June's son Ben and wife Janine were also there with their two daughters Kendall and Kristin.

Bob and Sandy were present and they brought Beth with them (Husband Tim and family were not there). Beth says that daughter Sophie is probably going to be tall as she is already one of the tallest in her class. Bob and Laura were there and Bob III still works with his Dad and seems to like this arrangement. Robin and Thom were also at the party with their son Tyler.

Ken and Enid drove down from Lake George straight to the party and then were spending the night with Enid’s brother in south Jersey.
Ken was sorry they were going to miss the Crown Point Bridge being taken down the next day. It was just dropped into Lake Champlain to be cleaned up at a later date.

Betsey was there as was her daughter Jenny with her husband Jordan Wilson and their 13 month old daughter Maggie. They left early because of
the little one. She is very cute, but with straight blond hair does not seem to look like either parent. Mary Behr, Betsey’s other daughter was there and had just given up her Hoboken apartment and moved in with her beau in Basking Ridge.

Sandie and Keith drove up from Central New Jersey.

Aunt Pat, son Bruce and his new bride Kim were there. Heidi and several daughters were present along with Heidi's new beau. Brett was in from California with news that he had just gotten engaged and his fiancé was at the party with him.

Claire and Jeff's house is really lovely, but it is broken up into several rooms and you can miss people completely! Also there were many young people there and keeping track of the young generation can at most times be quite puzzling.

If you have any additions, corrections or stories you would like to add the more contributions the merrier.

Happy New Year everyone!

All the party photos are available by following this link

KGE family:

It was nice to be able to get to New Jersey for the Family party. Thank you to Jeff and Claire.

Steve, Lisa and Samuel are happy in Boston. Samuel started to walk about a week after the Erie Canal trip, and he is now talking.

Karen, Jud, Julia and Kellan enjoy skiing at the Middlebury Snow Bowl. Our prime skiing enjoyment is skiing with our grandchildren, who we’re afraid will soon out-ski us.

Yes, the news you may have seen about the Crown Point Bridge over Lake Champlain has very much affected us. It was our winter route to Karen’s house in Vermont, but it was condemned in October and blown up in December. The Fort Ticonderoga Ferry, which is our usual summer route, extended its season and became free (subsidized by DOT). This made our crossings convenient until this ferry had to stop operating in early January. As of February 1st, a new temporary ferry opened at Crown Point which gives us a new free lake crossing.

The family business of a friend here in Hague was the White truck dealership in Jersey City. We figure that maybe his family sold Engler Millwork some of its trucks. Somewhere I remember a picture of the Engler Millwork truck fleet, but I don’t have a copy. Does anyone have that picture that I might borrow to copy?

We’re looking forward to a sailing trip in the Bahamas next month with some Lake George friends.




From Bruce:

Heidi's daughters, Darcy, Korey & Kristen have been released into the world and are shining brightly. Darcy started working at the Legal Aid Society in the Guardian ad Litem Department in Orlando at the end of October. She is a Case Coordinator, and the Volunteer Advocates for Children Program Coordinator. (long title, she knows...) Korey began a new job at the Aveda Salon in Tallahassee, FL and is enjoying it. Kristen continues to do well as an ICU Nurse at Denver Health Medical Center, husband Brad also continues to work for GE as an engineer (SAE).

My news is I got married 11/7/09 to Kim Quigley, my house is on the market and I will be moving into Kim's house in Great Meadows, NJ as soon as my house sells. Special pricing for family members (hint, hint) http://web.me.com/englerb


From Brett:

I had been on a travel nursing assignment in Washington state from August through early November (I have attached some photos for the site if desired), living in Puyallup and working at St Clare Hospital in Lakewood. I lucked out on the weather until about the third week in October, and so hiked all over Mt Rainier, hiked portions of Olympic National Park, North Cascades National Park, climbed Mt. St. Helens, saw killer whales while kayaking, even made it to Portland for a couple of days. There were times I felt like I had achieved Nirvana!

After I returned to NJ in November, I by chance met a girl, Michelle Reeves, on an Appalachian Mountain Club hike in southern NY state. Within a week we realized this was no chance encounter and knew that something was afoot! December came and on Christmas Day we were engaged. Yikes! Yes, faster than the average courtship, but when you know, "get off the pot!" Some of you were able to meet her at the Christmas party in December, and she is in some of the photos. Here is one of us (love those red pants!).

Regarding employment, there is nothing to report, meaning that as of this writing I am feeling the job crunch as I still scramble to find a permanent position (no traveling indefinitely). By the time you read this, I am confident that the climate will have improved....








Journeyman's Book Online

As many of us saw at the Christmas party, Ken has created a new version of the Journeyman's book and it is available online.

This book is Ulrich Engeler's record of his jobs and their locations. That new book is now available as a PDF on the family Web site. Follow this link to download it.