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From Barbara

Greetings of the season! December 2008

I hope that you are all well and deeply appreciate being able to stay in touch with family and loved ones especially over the holidays.

A highlight of this past year was having my grandchildren together at our family shore home. My Christmas card shows us together on the new deck constructed last summer by my brother John. Will, 2 1/2 (Bill and Sue's son), Ana, 4 1/2 and Ally 9 (Ted's daughters) enjoyed being together and "Gammy" was delighted to have them all with her.

Also, in the summer, my twin Peg and I celebrated our 70th birthday with a festive seafood party lovingly prepared by Bill and Peg's son Larry and their spouses (Sue and Pam) all of whom are fabulous cooks. Another milestone! Can I begin to count backwards?

Earlier this summer, our home had been a bit of an infirmary. I had a very nasty case of cellulitis (on the buttocks of all places!!) but more significantly, my brother in law Bob was recovering from cancer surgery. Fortunately the surgeon was able to remove the entire tumor. Bob has recovered nicely and hopefully, his cancer stays in remission.

In late March early April, I enjoyed a cruise with my sister Lin, (who was a host minister), Bob, and other members of Lin's church traveling to places in Greece and Turkey following in the footsteps of St. Paul's 2nd and 3rd missionary journeys. It was a special experience to be at some of the very sites where tradition has it St Paul spread the early gospel of Christianity in Athens, Corinth, Berea, Thessaloniki, Philippi, Pergamum and Ephesus. Now when I read or hear of his activities from the Book Of Acts or one of his letters, I can visualize where Paul was which makes the experience all the more meaningful. We also explored Instanbul and were awed by the Blue Mosque with its six minarets and St Sophia (Hagia Sophia) which was the largest church in Christendom for a thousand years. Finally the tour visited the Island of Patmos and its Grotto of the Apocalypse where the exiled Apostle John is said to have written the book of Revelations. It was a fabulous journey.

The eighth edition of my textbook Personality Theories was published at the end of the summer. Eight editions - a pretty good run! This fall I have been enjoying the respite that comes following a new edition. The college division of Houghton Mifflin has been taken over by Cengage Publishing. It will be interesting to see what changes occur with the transition.

I find I am increasingly using my email to stay in touch. My email address is Bengler@msn.com and I would love to have yours if you would care to share it with me.

I wish you joy and peace during these challenging times: A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year. May we all work together to foster God's will and learn to love and live together in harmony.


Barbara Orchard Engler


Charlie has been very busy renovating his new house - located on Spruce Run. This is the lake where he has sailed for many years. There are very few houses right on the water and he is very happy to be one of them.

The house had been cared for by people less-than-skilled in the art of house care so much work has had to be done.

The house is really shaping up well and has many windows that show off the views of the woods and of the lake itself.

Charlie hasn't really moved into the new house yet but has taken some porch furniture there while he's working on it.

From Lynn:

We all have our jobs to do and we are grateful, (mostly!).  Jonathan just came off of his best college semester, as far as grades go.  He has a lot of friends and he seems very happy.  When you’re in college, work is either all or nothing; fits and starts; sleep or all-nighters. Since being on winter break, he is getting plenty of sleep and his all-nighters have been spent reconnecting with “home” friends.

When Lauren was in college, she always thought that life would be so much better after she graduated.  Surely, it would be wonderful to make your own schedule and be able to do what you want when you want to. Now that she has her first ”real job” in sales, the grass is not always greener. She is anxious for her career to be in full swing.  Enough with the training programs and “ride-alongs”; Lauren is chomping at the bit to get going and sell some business solutions to all of Somerset and Hunterdon counties. (By the way, let her know if your copier needs are not being met by your current supplier!)  The Christmas bonus was nice and she has her own office with friendly people, so she is grateful.

Lynn continues to volunteer as a court appointed special advocate with two cases involving children whose parents have drug/alcohol addictions.  She meets with not only the families but everyone connected with the children, reporting to the court her observations and recommendations.  Sometimes there is something concrete to be done; pajamas to be bought, a run to the food bank.  More often, it is counseling, encouraging and working hard to ensure that something will eventually go right for kids who have had so much go wrong. 

Peter is thankful to be in his twenty-seventh year at D&B, with projects in NJ and PA.  Who knew that our home would be perfectly located right in between both of his offices. He is looking forward to a trip to Florida with Lynn next month to visit his mother on the east coast and sister on the west coast.  Hopefully, when we get back it will be just about warm enough to get back to golfing!


From Chad & Loretta
It's hard to believe that we still live in Oklahoma, coming up on ten years now. We still own our old farmhouse outside of Rochester, NY and still plan to live there again someday. Our latest tenants did an unbelievable amount of damage. Lynn and Peter VERY generously drove 6 hours to help us clean up for a few days. We ended up filling 5 dumpsters, 60 garbage bags from the master bedroom alone. We concluded that it would have cost less if we hadn't rented the house.

Loretta continues to work for Pitney Bowes, managing the IBM account for outsourced services. Chad has been working at a small marketing and advertising agency that he and his partner began 4 years ago.

Chad just returned from visiting customers in Luxembourg and Dusseldorf and made a one-day stop in Amsterdam to see the sights.

The city is a funny mix of very historic scenes intermixed with trashy 'sights'.

Both of us spend the majority of our spare time scuba diving. 9 years ago we began teaching others to dive and that lead us to start a group that teaches people to dive, organizes group dive trips and holds local events. This has been successful but takes a lot of time and has taken over much of the house.

Our latest diving challenge has been cave diving. It's a whole new set of skills, equipment and techniques to learn.

We've been taking cave diving classes in High Springs, Florida. Cave diving is very challenging but we're enjoying it a lot. It has made for some long drives hauling lots of equipment though. If our posture is off it's because the gear on our backs weighs about 120 lbs...


Many of the caves begin underwater in ponds or rivers, as does this one where some of our training has taken place.

In the picture you can just see where the cave begins - it's the dark area near the bottom of the photo.

From Jeff

Mom and Wes are firmly ensconced in Florida. What a coincidence that all three siblings are in the same state. Anyway, they'll be down there until spring and keep busy with community activities like the occasional show production, playing bocce and are active in their church. They stopped to see Steve and Donna on the way down this year. Steve and Donna are still in Charleston.

On the Albert and Janet front, they're both fine and the boys are all busy. Jon is working at Vanguard and contemplating going to graduate school, Greg is at Drexel and will possibly be doing an internship in NYC in the spring, and Kevin is eagerly awaiting getting his driver's license enjoying having the house to himself, sibling-wise.

As for Claire and me, not much to report. In the spring I'm going to build Claire a small garden building and we're thinking about building some walls to enclose a garden so the local wildlife contingent don't mistake it for a salad bar. We're also committed to sorting out the greenhouse before the next time Barbara comes up lest we be admonished for letting it sit idle. Again.

That's about all the news on our branch of the tree. Hope you guys are


From Suzanne:

Ok – here is the latest and greatest from the Richard Engler clan:

As part of a career change, Suzanne Engler-Harris and her family, Danny, Suzie (4) and Danielle (2) moved to Dallas, TX in November 2008. We are both enjoying new careers and all of the exciting things that Dallas has to offer. Suzanne left her position as Store Manager with Target and a 14 year retail career to try her hand at Human Resource Management, while her husband Danny left his 12 year career in law enforcement to enjoy the hours, benefits and relative safety of civilian life. We both have so much more time to enjoy our kids and each other we’re still wondering what took us so long! In addition, we are having a great time getting to know big brother Richard Jr. and his wife Jac all over again. It’s been almost 20 years since we’ve lived close enough to visit regularly. Now that we are all in Dallas we have to work on moving Richard Sr. and Arlene (aka Grandpa & Grandma) closer to us!!

That’s what has taken up most of our days the last few months. I have some pictures I would have liked to have put in but everything is packed from the move. I am attaching a picture of Suzie and Dad at the beach this fall that we all just love. Maybe you could work that in for us? It was taken during a visit from my Mom’s side of the family on Pensacola Beach. The other picture is of the girl’s first day of school in Dallas. They are attending the Primrose Academy.

From Richard

Jacqueline and Richard Engler Jr. at last decided on a house located in the mid-cities area of DFW, in North Arlington. Seems we will stay a bit longer after all. Our new address is 500 Willow Creek Court Arlington, Texas 76011.

From Pete and Pat Broderson

Guess who is in California during the frozen Vermont winter?

From June

The 2 girls on the right are Ben and J's Kendall and Kristen, to the left is Cameron soph at Syracuse and Mackenzie at Bernardsville.

Kendall is an honor roll student in her sophomore year at GSB. This fall she played third singles on the Varsity tennis team, and her Concert Choir just tied for first place at the Heritage Festival held in Washington, DC on Inauguration Weekend. Kendall loves to read and writes for the school newspaper. Kristin is also an honor roll student in the 7th grade at GSB. She played first singles on the Middle School tennis team and sings in the Honors Choir. Kristin plays guitar and is interested in photography and design.

Cliff and I are hanging out together. He goes to his workshop, daily, transported by the county transportation. Thank goodness. And I am not sure what I do. Cliffie and I spent 2 weeks in Bermuda last year and are planning on doing the same in April. Then we joined Pete, Pat their kids and GG at the beach house at Lake George. C and I drove to Hilton Head to stay at Ben and J's house there - always good. We stop and see friends on the way so it helps the looooooooong drive.

Our house is just about finished, or until I can think of something else to do. High on our list is to adopt a dog when we get home. Cliffie wants two, I plan on winning that argument and get just one.

We are hoping to have Grandma's Birthday party here on July 25. Again, and I am wondering if anyone else would like to join Sis,Wes,#1,Betsey,Sandy, Bob, Sandie and Keith. It's for lunch preceded by your choice of wine, beer etc. etc. Generally it is sloppy joes, cheese, dessert and again etc. etc.

From Gil

The biggest news is that the GGE's hosted and, hopefully, have initiated a new annual Engler tradition of a brunch on Sunday morning following the annual family Christmas Party. We took over a lovely room at the Store Restaurant in Basking Ridge and had great eats and a grand time. It was fun to have another two hours to be together and get more of the "news". Attending were Gil and Barbara, Charlie, June and Cliffy, Liz, Mackenzie, Cameron and his girlfriend Sonia (sp?), Betsey and Mary, Keith and Sandy, Lynne and Peter, and Jeff and Claire for a total of 17 "plankowners" as we say in the Navy of the first crew members on a newly commissioned ship. There were rumors that a committee headed by Betsey was going to look into the possibility of holding the second annual brunch at "310" after next year's party.

Other than that, eldest son Randy is now living in Yarmouth, ME very close to the water. He is deeply ensconced in the launch of an internet start up, www.zatista.com, which will buy and sell artwork under $2500 worldwide. While launch of the site is not set 'til late February, you can get on the website and check it out. He has already heard from dozens of potential participants from all over the world!

#2 son Bart and family are still in Florida and doing well. Bart and Jen now have two sons, Luke (almost 3) and Cole (6 months). Bart just started a new job

Daughter Lindsay is working her way through nursing school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff and hopes to have her degree by June 2010. She seems to like the west. Flagstaff is a wonderful area.

Greg, my youngest, is a junior at Colorado State majoring in history, crotch rocket motorcycles and snowboarding. He is also responsibly exercising his new privileges tied to attaining the age of 21. He in Army ROTC with hopes of eventually flying choppers.
Needless to say, scattered all over the country as they are, we, unfortunately don't get to see a lot of them.

I am still inspecting homes, rare as that is in this current market, and Barbara is now the Nurse Manager of the OR at INOVA Alexandria Hospital where she is responsible for the successful operation of 12 operating rooms. She just "loves" the politics as you can imagine. Speaking of politics, since the roads from Virginia into DC on Inauguration Day are to be closed, she will be required to spend the night(s) and two or three days at the hospital as they are one of the "go to" hospitals in the event of an inaugural disaster being located only a few miles from the District. To me, it is a sad day when the area essentially gets shut down for an inauguration.

We are currently building a family room addition with new kitchen on our house in Annandale. Contractors are doing the foundation, framing and re-roofing while I take over once those phases are completed. Ought to keep me out of trouble for a while.

We're managing to keep the Lake George family home above water, so to speak, but it's an ongoing struggle against Adirondack winters and finances. We are always open to renters from the huge Engler pool! As all who have been there know, it's a wonderful place and a wonderful, if not daunting gift, from Howard and Dorothy.

From Mary

Jenny Behr Wilson and Jordan Wilson welcome Maggie Grace Wilson, who was born at 12:10pm on November 18, which is also the birthday of Jenny’s Grandpa (Howard G. Engler). She weighed 7 pounds even and was 21 inches long. She left the hospital as Baby Girl Wilson because her parents couldn’t decide on a name. Jenny and Jordan had gone to the hospital with a list of potential names, but figured that when she was born, there would be some sort of sign that would make her name clear (“Maggie” wasn’t on the list, as Jordan had nixed Jenny’s suggestion of it months earlier). After delivery, Jordan left the room to get his mom, who was waiting as patiently as she could in the lounge. While he was out of the room, the nurse who had helped delivery the baby, completely unprompted, said, “She looks like a Maggie to me.” Eureka! Jenny took this as the sign she’d been hoping for. Jordan, however, is still dubious that this exchange ever occurred, even though the doctor and other nurses were witness to it! Even with the “sign,” it took three days for the final decision.
Betsey Barton (now also known as Gramy) hopes to get to Vermont at least monthly so as to keep up with all of Maggie's changes and developments (an idea she got from another proud grandmother, Barbara Engler). Betsey has passed on the last baby blanket that Grandma Engler crocheted (the one she made for Mary, as the last Christmas baby) as well as other baby heirlooms that she has had tucked away in her attic. And Maggie has been lucky to have already had two visits from her Fabulous Aunt Mary, who promises to baby sit her this summer while Jenny sunbathes on the float at Peter Haven!
Mary Behr (now also known as Fabulous Aunt Mary) is excited to be a fabulous aunt. She thinks Maggie is the most beautiful baby ever. Other than that, Mary is still pursuing exhibit opportunities and is excited about her Waterski Musuem, which will appear in downtown Hague NY this summer (in the North Country Triathlon HQ building, as an awesome present from her wonderful cousin Randy).

Lindsay Engler is currently working on: getting into nursing school; organizing this year's Sedona Marathon; training her dogs to stay off the bed; coaxing my bangladeshi-taxi-cab (my automobile) not to die for at least 3 more years until I can afford a new one.

Greg Engler hit the lottery, got into the Hollywood scene, and is now dating Jennifer Anniston. I may have to dump her since Elisha Cuthbert is now interested. Other than that, school is alright and ROTC is sucking the life out of me.

Randy Engler is knee deep in Maine snow, building a house, and launching a new site that connects buyers and sellers of original fine and contemporary art online called Zatista (www.zatista.com). Also getting things in place for the 3rd annual North Country Triathlon to be held again on Lake George in June. We raised over $3000 in 2008 for our charities. See more at: www.northcountrytri.com

Caitlin Engler is still in Latham, NY, working at The Parent Teacher Store and soon I will be subbing around the area. I just finished my Master's degree in Literacy in December, and am very happy to be done, for the time being, with homework! I'm busy applying for teaching jobs for the future, most likely in the CT area come summer.

Chris Engler and his girlfriend, Kate, have signed a contract to purchase a house in Dryden NY, a few minutes east of Ithaca. Closing is due to take place toward the end of February.

Peter and Carole Engler are in Xtapa, Mexico. We are looking forward to celebrating our 65th Bdays at Pajaro Dunes
with Rob, Scott, Jeremy, Deena, Amy, Monika, Jan, Alexandria and six gkids.

Jeff and Sally Engler are looking forward to spring and the end of this extremely cold and snowy winter.

Rob and Deena Engler (of the California Englers) had a good 2008. All of the kids are in public school (4th grade and two in kindergarten), and all three kids decided they liked soccer, skiing and perhaps baseball. Rob started his own IT consulting company (www.englerconsulting.com). Logan saved his money for nine months and bought himself a golden doodle (cute as it sounds). Missing you all elsewhere in the country!

From Robin

Dad is doing well after his knee replacement in October. He will be finishing his physical therapy in early February. Both Mom and Dad are looking forward to a trip to the Florida Keys for the last two weeks of February. They will be spending 3 days with Robin and Tom in Disney to see Tyler perform with the Manasquan High School band.

Tom and I are doing well. We are leaving this evening in the snowy weather for 5 days in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. We are both looking forward to a few days of golf and sun.

Ryan is 23 and still very much involved in his band “Spider Rockets”. Watch for their CD release late winter, or early spring.

Stephen is 20, and will be returning to Lebanon Valley College for his second semester as a sophomore, studying music recording technology.

Tyler is 15 and a freshman in high school. He seems to be enjoying it very much. We are looking into the possibility of him doing a Sailing Adventure Summer Camp out of Nova Scotia. Will keep you posted if this pans out. It could be a great experience.

Bob and Laura are still working very hard. Bob continues to work with my Dad and Laura is the right hand person at the Deli she has been working at since about 14. They have a great dog (bassett-doodle) named Lucy that keeps them company why Emily and Eric are off at school.

Emily will be 22 in February and will be graduating from Cedar Crest College in May. She will have a degree in Ceramics.

Eric is 18 and a freshman at Rutgers University. I believe that he is going for an engineering degree.

Beth and Tim are being kept very busy by their 3 great kids. Tim works very long hours and travels a lot, which leaves Beth to the job of Taxi Driver. They took a ski trip with Tim’s family right after Christmas. I gather all of the kids are great skiers. Even Grant took off this year.

Sophie is in the 5th grade and well be 11 in February. She plays the saxophone, piano and is in the bell choir at school. She is taking sewing lessons. She also loves to sail.
These are just a few of the activities that keep her so busy.

Evan is 8 and in the second grade. I am not sure I will be able to remember all that he does, but I will list a few. He plays soccer and flag football in the fall. Now hockey is his sport of choice. He plays the piano and is in the Cub Scouts.

Grant is the youngest of the Grandchildren. He just turned 4 on Christmas. He brings a smile to all that are around him. He called me this morning to tell me that he was going sleigh riding. It is such a fun age. They are so excited about everything.

Well that should be enough information on the Robert Lee side of the family.

Happy New Year to all

From Noel

IRELAND – September 17 to October 1, 2008

One weekend when Christina was down visiting we were discussing a possible vacation. Would it be New Zealand, China or maybe Ireland? Christina had already visited New Zealand and Australia so we eliminated those choices. I thought that China would be too long a flight for me so we selected Ireland and what a great choice it was. You are probably asking yourselves, why isn’t Noel traveling with his wife Dieta? Well the answer is simple; Dieta absolutely refuses to fly even though she will have to one day when her Mother, who is now ninety and lives alone in Germany, absolutely needs her.

Christina made all the plans and reservations and I have a friend who I worked with at NBC who owns a home in Ireland on the Dingle peninsula and he offered it to us as a place to stay while there. So we took advantage of his offer and planned to stay at his home in Cook for four nights. Our vacation also included a stop over in Germany to visit Christina’s Grandmother.

Christina, since she was a baby collected miles enough to cover our entire trip flying business class. Most of the miles were with Pan Am but they transferred over to Delta when Delta won Pan Am’s routes. We flew to Newark and then to Dublin where we rented a diesel SUV. Christina did all the driving in Ireland (left side) while I held on for dear life. Our trip west to Dingle took us over Ireland’s highest mountains. We saw sheep, horses, cows, magnificent waterfalls, old ruins and absolutely magnificent countryside. Arriving at our destination early evening but in the dark we had quite a time finding the house which turned out to be a fully equipped, five bedroom home overlooking the ocean. After a late supper at a local pub we headed for the sack.

We explored the Dingle Peninsula and the Ring of Kerry, quaint fishing villages along the seaside and yes even the famous and beautiful beach featured in “Ryan’s Daughter”. The Cliffs of Moher were spectacular as was Killarney National Park. Heading north to Cong and Ashford Castle in County Mayo, we arrived at our destination - the most magnificent hotel that was once owned by the Guinness family. This was Christina's surprise for me and it turned out to be very special. Oh I almost forgot we did manage to enjoy some Guinness throughout trip.

Green, green and more green and friendly people wherever we went. Luck was with us as it was the rainiest summer they had in memory and the rain stopped the day we arrived. W experienced lovely, cool weather and much sun to make our days most pleasant. On our trip back to Dublin for our flight to Germany I made a terrible mistake filling up the rental car before we turned it in with regular gas. “Not to worry” said the guy who came with an exchange car and to haul the one we had away “There’s no problem if the engine hasn’t been started all we do is drain the tank and it happens about four times a week”. It made me feel a bit better but I still felt pretty darn stupid. They should have different cap sizes, one for petrol and one for diesel.

We rented another car in Germany and headed north from Hamburg to Raisdorf and Oma’s house. We arrived to a note stuck on the door that said please come in the door is open. Oma was in bed as she had taken a spill the day before trying to do too much before our arrival. She had one of the worst shiners I have ever seen and the doctor visited ever day during our five day visit there. It put a bit of a damper on our visit as Oma wasn’t able to go out until our last day there. We loaded up her pantry and refrigerators with lots of food and beverages and said our sad goodbyes.

We headed back to Dublin for our departing flight the next morning staying at the Hilton. It was a damp and drizzly evening but we managed to find a great restaurant within walking distance from our hotel. To bed early as we had to get up at three AM in order to make our early morning flight.

Interesting to note that the economy in Ireland was as bad as ours but the airports were full and everywhere we went things were buzzing. On arrival in Newark we had about a three-hour layover so Grant met us with a pizza from our favorite pizza place in Maplewood. It was great to see Grant and be able to spend an all-to-fast hour-and-a-half with him.

I will be eternally indebted to Christina for sharing this wonderful adventure with me. There are not many daughters that would take the time to travel with their old “Pops”. Many thanks to Dieta for caring for our little miniature dachshund while we were away. The time gave Dieta and Lucy a great chance to bond...and bond they did.


From Ken

News from the KGEs

The big news for our family this year is that Steve and Lisa welcomed their son, Samuel Grantham Engler, on August 29,, 2008. We all love having an adorable new baby in the family.


Karen and Jud love living in Cornwall, Vermont. Julia will turn 5 in February and plans to have a small birthday party at the Middlebury Snow Bowl because she loves to ski. Kellan turned 3 in December. Both children will attend the Northern Lake George Yacht Club Junior Program next summer. Last August summer we enjoyed seeing Pete and Pat Broderson and their family at Lake George. Of course all of the Brodersons except Gretchen live in Vermont. We discovered that Kurt and his family live very near where Karen and Jud live.

The day after Halloween we left for a Danube River cruise with Jay and June Leatherbee, our Summit next door neighbors for thirty years. It was a great trip. After the cruise we spent several days with Enid’s cousins who live near Frankfurt, Germany. Luckily, we had prepaid for the trip in April, before the market tanked. We keep busy with grandchildren, house projects (ours and kids) and volunteer work.

We are sorry to have missed the Christmas party. Hope to see everyone there next year.

Enid and Ken

From Martha:

My gallery is currently having a show and book signing by folk artist Ed Larson, known for his paintings, whirligigs and story quilts. His work has been shown nationally including at the White House and one of his quilts in included in the book "100 Best Quilts of the Century."

Beyond that life includes dealing with a ton of snow this winter. So much so that I continue to hear the ski patrol shooting avalanches every single morning.

From Marge:

Warren and I are still enjoying retired life in Arizona. Warren plays lots of golf and I spend a good bit of time with my quilting groups. I actually have a quilt in a show coming up in March, which is a first for me.

This past summer we spent a wonderful couple of weeks back east, including a week at Lake George with Martha and the kids and grandkids. It was non stop activity but lots of fun, including a dinner for 17 with Ken, Enid, Betsey and surprise visitors Leslie and Ethan.


From Bruce

Heidi is still a paraprofessional in Special Education which she has been doing for 15 years. Her free time is spent running 2-3 miles at sunset each night and going to the beach on weekends.

Her proudest moment this year was walking her daughter, Kristen "down the aisle" in Denver!
Brett is currently in a permanent position at a hospital in Oakland, CA as an ER Nurse and may be returning to travel nursing again, which could take him anywhere. His last travel nursing assignment was in Hawaii. (Brett's busy holiday schedule allowed a tender moment with cousin Mary in Hoboken, NJ)

Win's daughter, Lorienne, was back east for Christmas as well as Heidi, her girls & Brett. We had soooo much fun together. Lori did her best to keep her Uncle Brett in line, but...

Just after Christmas, Brett, Heidi, Pat & Kim Quigley (Bruce's girlfriend) threw Bruce a legendary surprise birthday party for his 50th, which was back in September. They totally caught him by surprise and the party included 50 or 60 guests which stretched back into high school days. Acoustic jamming took place with Brett on drums, started in the living room of Pat's house and ended up in the kitchen. Pat was dancing up a storm and was such a good sport about having everyone take over her house!



From Charlie Engler:


A number of us kids would occasionally be invited to drive over to Jersey City with our fathers to visit Engler Millwork, originally called the Charles H. Engler Lumber Company. The company had been formed when CHE I bought out his employer in the early 1900's.

My first visits were to the original office on Pollack Avenue. The building is still there, I don't remember the house number. it is 2 story, narrow, with several steps to go up. The second floor was the nerve center, with a huge (to me) work table around which the brothers would get their work done. Nearby were the storage sheds and stables for the early days of horse drawn delivery wagons.

Up the street beyond West Side Avenue was Grant Avenue, home of Grandpa and Grandma and all their kids.

Later, maybe during the late 1930's (?), a fine, very solid, 40,000 square foot concrete warehouse was built or acquired, a couple of blocks away at 250 Culver Avenue.

The 4 brothers partitioned off the front section to create a pine-paneled office area. As you entered the building past the small reception area, you saw a row of about six identical desks, at which the 4 brothers worked, at their appointed jobs (as appointed by their father, CHE I, THE FOUNDER), The first one was for Dad, CHE II, who was the Treasurer, the next was Arthur, the President, followed by Bob, the Sales Manager, and Ken, the inventory and warehouse controller.. Other staff included Steve Barthold and Gladys the long time bookkeeper, and the shop foreman Eddie, for whom I worked for one week, making screens.

Later the opposite end of the office included Cliff, who worked part time in sales for Millwork, and part time with Howard, who was working very hard at starting up a new venture called Engler Instrument Company.

But that's another story,,,,,for another issue of THE BUZZ.....stay tuned!

Meanwhile, I'm sure cousins Bob and Ken and others can supplement these recollections.