November 2011

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Engler Holiday Party

The Christmas party committee would like you to know that you can host the party! If you would like to have the Christmas party in your home please let Lynn or Jeff know!


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From Sis:

Al and Janet have had a busy Fall. Kevin left for his first year at Shippensburg and Greg is busy in NYC. Jon and Katie were married in Oct. and it was a lovely time. Relatives came in from coast to coast, a beautiful bride and for Al - a chance to gather together some old friends who grew up together - partly in my kitchen so I was thrilled to see them, too.

And so was Steve! He came up from Charleston for the first time in too many years and it was wonderful to spend time with him. Steve and Donna are busy these days being enchanted by two new granddaughters - twins!

Jeff and Claire calmly hosted an overnight house-party for six during the recent snowstorm and power outage. With fireplaces, candles and good food, it was a great success.

Wes and I are all settled in to our new life at Kirkland Village in Bethlehem PA. So much to do here! So many friendly people! We're perfectly at home and don't miss our house on the hill in Saylorsburg PA or our house in Haines City FL We were lucky to sell both quickly and now are comfortable in our apartment here. Come see us!

Love to all, Sis

From Chad & Loretta:

We've been busy relocating from OK to two other places; Mendon, NY and High Springs, FL.

This means moving our belongings but it also means ending our scuba diving school (DiveTulsa) at the conclusion of its tenth year. Happily we've taught thousands of divers and not had a single student injury. Logistically this means dealing with thousands of pieces of equipment that we will no longer need.

High Spings is where we've been traveling to for the last few years to go cave diving. We seem to always want more so now we'll live there part of the year. We also like that there are many outdoor activities there, not just diving.

Mendon is outside of Rochester where we used to live and just never sold our house. It's an old farm and we love it there. Lots of land, space, nature.


DiveTulsa Staff - 2011

Our Tulsa garage - some of the gear to dispose of

High Springs - Moonlight canoeing - one of the many things to do






From Lynn:

The first half of this year was a happy blur of wedding plans, getting everything ready for Lauren & Dane’s big day.  In April, Claire & Jeff hosted a beautiful bridal shower, which was perfect right down to the tiniest detail, as you might imagine!



We will never forget the fun we had that day as the anticipation was building!

The day before the wedding, Lauren & Dane adopted a new dog, Bertram, or Bear for short!  I couldn’t believe she didn’t have packing to do for her honeymoon, but she had to go see this cutie at our local animal shelter! As you can see, Bear (left) and Teddy (right) are best friends!


Finally, May 22nd arrived, and Lauren married Dane Hamlin at the

 Holly Hedge Estate in New Hope, PA! It is a lovely B&B that was just what they were looking for!
She was a beautiful bride and we are happy to welcome Dane into our family!

One nice surprise at the wedding was that Jonathan got himself a summer internship using his graphic arts talents helping Holly Hedge with some advertising projects.  He designed their full page ad for The Knot magazine!
Since the wedding, things have settled back down.  Lynn & Peter bought new bikes and have been enjoying biking the wonderful trails and tow paths here in Hunterdon County.



When our 2010 Engler Christmas Party had to be cancelled due to a big blizzard, we were left feeling as though something was missing!
Charlie happily stepped up and he and Gail hosted a “Christmas in July” party!

All photos from the party are available on the family Web site, follow this link

Here are some photos of the party:

Naturally, it turned out to be the hottest triple-digit day of the year, but he kept us cool with plenty of drinks and great food! Everyone brought at least one dish to share and we all had a wonderful time! Some valiant guests braved the heat and played bocce on the lawn, while the rest took in the spectacular view of the lake from inside!
We were thrilled to see that so many made it to the party!  Heidi came all the way up from Florida, Ken and Enid drove down from Lake George, and brought the latest fully-updated issue of the family directory. Thank you, Ken! Sandy and Keith drove up from Philadelphia, Sandy & Bob from Brielle, and Janice, (Sis) and Wes from their new home in Bethlehem Pa.  We were also happy to have Aunt Pat, Bruce and Kim, June, Cliffy & Liz, Betsey, Claire & Jeff, Al, Janet, Greg & Kevin, Lynn & Peter, Lauren & Dane (the newlyweds!) and Jonathan & his girlfriend Chelsea.


From Charlie:

The BUZZ Editor mentioned that Charlie's reporting territory has been restricted to 08809 to save space and help the reader's interest level extend clear to Bruce's column. In that vein, here are some recent weeks in brief : )

Sailing: Attended the Jet 14 Nationals at Lake Hopatcong YC, but the motor boat traffic and gusts showed no mercy! In October, Gail and I took a second at the Packanack Lake Districts + NJYRA Championship. Club races here at Spruce Run on Sundays were fun but a bit limited by the wettest NJ summer on record.


Travel: We toured the Lake George family compounds, Lake Sunapee NH, my grandparents' (Eagles) summer place in the 20's, 30's and 40's and near where the vast Engler clan spent one summer as shown on the film HGE made starring June, Sis and me age 1 to 3. Then friend Gail and I visited Bailey's Island, Maine, her family's favorite. and Ogunquit.

Then on to Annapolis to go out for the start of the 2011 Great Schooner Race.



That's a wrap...Biking, Kayaking, "improving the view" comes next time. Special thanks to the 30 + of you who made "Christmas in July" a great event!


From June:

Cliffie and I continue to enjoy one another's company, at least I do. He has settled in to his group home very happily, so I hope at this point he is enjoying the best of both worlds. They really keep him busy - shopping, swimming at the Y, partying at the other group homes, baking, cleaning and all of those good things. He leaves for work at 8:30 and gets back around 4. He comes home to me thursday, goes riding that afternoon. He won blue and red ribbons at the horse show this year after riding off lead. George is his horse of choice this year...a big guy is taller than Cliffie at the withers (not Cliffies). It's a long slide down when dismounting.

In May I returned to Syracuse for Cam's graduation from the School of Engineering - it was 60 years ago that I graduated - yi! In September C and I drove to Hilton Head and squatted in Ben and J's house there with old pals . In the car Cliffie is in charge of food and doles out the drinks and goldfish. He's not much of a co-pilot but is good at rescuing stuff from the back. A trucker pulled up next to us and yelled that we had a flat coming home on I 195, of all places. Limped off and the very first place I saw was a Bridgestone/Goodrich tire store. Pulled in, explained the problem, (certainly was evident) and they unloaded, changed the tire (the manger did that) and reloaded the car and sent us on our way. I tried to tip and/or pay but they just waved us off. All done in 30 minutes or less. I wrote the CEO and president of Bridgestones America Inc.. Awesome. Makes one still believe.

And the learning process continues. I am hauling my contractor (the bum) into small claims court shortly. We'll see how it goes - thank goodness for Judge Judy's TV show. At least I have a clue as to how to behave. Stay tuned.

That's it!! Merrrrrrrrrrrrry Christmas! now I don't have to send a card.

Here are some classic old family photos from June's collection:


June and Aunt Elinor

Uncle Charlie Wallender



Dick and CHE II


News from the Stabiles:

T'was a busy year for sure!!!

On Cameron's 21st birthday, he graduated from Syracuse with honors, and a major in Mechanical Engineering, and minors in Math and Energy Systems.
With all three grandparents and Ben's brother travelling for the occasion, there were 3 engineers, and 3 generations of Syracuse collegiates at his Engineering convocation and the entire Syracuse University convocation the following day!

After a long summer, and slow job hunting process, Cameron was flown out to Cleveland to be interviewed by Philips. After good and lengthy interviews, and several anxious days later, Cameron was offered employment! With a fine salary, benefits, perks and a "relocation package', Cam was off and running, and working with a small team in the MRI department of the Dutch based company. We zipped out to see his digs in the downtown section of the city, which will be very nice after his couches finally arrive ... (Raymour and Flanagan's error) ...
Cam is living in an old stately hotel, The Stadler Arms, with a small view of the lake and is complete with many of the amenities of a hotel. Now, he needs only to find a roommate to share the expenses and the fun!!!

Mackenzie is happily ensconsed in her own apartment with friends in New Brunswick, studying hard at Rutgers University. Mackenzie is double majoring in Psycology and English, with the hopes of becoming a PsyD - which is a PhD, and will be more focused on the clinical application of psycology rather than that of research, and hopes to be working with the prison population, I believe.

Somehow, while working at Express at the mall, babysitting, studying and having fun, she was asked to join the National Society of Collegiate Scholars and another fraternity which recognizes 'students for their outstanding academic achievement and leadership qualities'. My, my!!!

Ben is back at his CTO position with the hedge fund in NYC, contentedly programming hours on end, tidying up, fixing anew, and straightening out everything that went awry since he left some 4 or more years ago...
Earning a paycheck, without the hassle of daily commuting and the 'waste of time' involved, Ben is enjoying his time working from home, even though Jupiter (our cat) ((more like a dog)) bothers Ben incessantly, by his constant meowing all day long of his wants, his needs and his comings and goings - in and out, all day and all night long...

I am still teaching away - empowering my boys with new found abilities to read and do math computations...

To seeing everyone in December!!!

From Gil:

Leading the news are the latest Engler arrivals.  We welcomed oldest son Randy’s and wife, Leslie’s, first very handsome offspring, Felix Koga Engler, into the world on August 16th.  Mom, Dad and the young fella are doing quite well if not somewhat cramped and sleep deprived in their downtown NYC flat.  Felix is growing like a weed and putting on some pretty impressive weight – must be that NYC air and water.


Felix Koga Engler



A wee bit earlier in the summer on July 29th, Barbara’s oldest daughter, Catherine, gave birth to their second child, a son, Julius Sebastian Schneider.  Life for the young Schneider family, of course, has become somewhat frantic with five year old Rachel wondering about the diminishment of her commanding position as number one but all are adjusting and carrying on.


Julius Sebastian Schneider
Bart and Jen’s boys are growing up fast.  Luke is off to kindergarten and Cole is stirring things up at pre-school.  They are well settled into their new home in New Smyrna Beach, FL

Jen on the beach at Peter Haven
with Ken and Enid

Luke and his dad, Bart at Lake George

Luke, Cole and Jen off for a
canoe ride at Lake George

Cole champing at the bit  to hit the road back to Florida

Lindsay is closing in on her long quest for her bachelor’s degree at Northern Arizona State and will graduate in December, God willing.

2nd Lt. Greg, USA, is half way through his Blackhawk training at Fort Rucker, AL and progressing well – should graduate and receive his “wings” in January.



Barbara is currently working hard in her garden here in VA while the old man is trying like mad to get our addition to its pre-drywall inspection and the insulation phase before the cold weather sets in.

In a nutshell, that’s it.

Cousin Gil



From Robin:

Well it has been a busy spring and summer for the Robert L Engler's, with graduations to trips to athletic events and to top it all off a beautiful wedding.

May 14th 2011, our son Stephen, soon to be 23, graduated from Lebanon Valley College with degrees in Music Recording Technology and Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies.

He has since returned to school attending Drexel for a degree in Electrical Engineering.


This summer Tyler (18) attended the University of Maryland for a National Student Leadership Conference in Engineering. Then he spent a week in Connellsville, PA on a Missions trip
with our local church. He is in his Senior year at Manasquan High School, looking forward to attending college next fall.

Tyler plays the trumpet in the Manasquan High School Warrior Band and sails his laser.


Sophie, Evan, and Grant kept themselves busy all summer with Sailing, Hockey, Piano, and most of all they swam for MRYC swim team.



And of course Beth is always on the side lines. This time she is helping time the swimmers.

Mom(Sandy) and Dad(Bob) are always present when it comes to seeing the Grandkids events. They are known for attending Hockey games, soccer, flag football, HS Football, Swim meets
Piano recitals and much more. They did get to go to Cape Cod for a Millburn HS mini reunion, though their time was cut short due to Hurricane Irene. They sure seemed to
have a wonderful time as seen to the right.

This August they celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary.

The biggest event of the summer was Emily's wedding to Matthew Mulkeen on September 10th. The wedding took
place on the pier in West Long Branch and reception was held in Robin and Toms backyard.
It was a beautiful day and so much fun to have the whole family together. Emily made a beautiful bride.

Robin and Bob

Matt, The Judge and the guys waiting patiently for the bride.

Matt and Emily with the grandparents

Eric walking in Laura.

And of course there always has to be some fun.
We all wish Matt and Emily the very best.

Emily with Bob III walking up the aisle.


Bob and Laura Just after the ceremony.

Matt and Emily JUST MARRIED!!!!


From Noel:

Our beautiful daughter Christina was married on June 18th to Patrick Dennis
Cunningham at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Sarasota, FL. A small
reception followed at the Powel Crosley Estate on Sarasota Bay. Grant and
Bela, the bride's brother and sister-in-law served in the bridal party as
did Patrick's brothers and his niece and nephew. The bridegroom's uncle, the
Most Reverend Bishop Cunningham of Syracuse, NY and The Reverend Frederick
Robinson of Sarasota conducted the ceremony.


Christina graduated from Kenyon College in Gambier, OH and after working for
eight years at The Ritz-Carlton in Naples and Sarasota she is now employed
by Reckitt Benckiser, where she is the East Area Team Lead in
Healthcare Sales.

Patrick graduated from Ball State University in Muncie, IN and recently
relocated from Stuart, FL. He is establishing his own business as a
landscape architect in Sarasota.

Patrick's parents, Sheila and Patrick, and Dieta and Noel are very pleased
that their children found each other and are anxiously awaiting a grandchild
or two though there is no indication of such an event at this time. We
believe Patrick has other ideas; he wants to create a whole new team of
basketball players for Ball State.

The couple are leaving mid-October for a delayed honeymoon in China and will
return mid-November just in time to celebrate the bride's 37th Birthday on
November 8th.

Of special note: Christina is 5'7" and Patrick 6"5" so it only goes to prove
that the height of the Engler men made a very early impression on Christina.


KGE family:

The Kenneth Englers

On January 20th Steve and Lisa welcomed their daughter, Elin Gabrielle Engler. Steve continues with Sasaki Associates in Watertown, MA and Lisa has returned to work at the MA Dept. of Conservation.

Karen is now employed year round at the Admissions Department at Middlebury College. Jud’s business is going along well. Their children, Julia and Kellan, are both attending the public school in Cornwall, VT.

The snowy winter in Ticonderoga was great for winter sports. We enjoyed warm weather in March by going to Arizona and in April we sailed in the Grenadines.

Here’s the snow between our house and Gil’s at the deepest last winter.
We had another busy summer at Lake George, and enjoyed “Christmas in July” hosted by Cousin Charlie.

Steve, Lisa, Sam and Elin at the Lake on Memorial Day
Lots of Englers participated in the North Country Triathlon organized by Randy Engler in Hague. Steve finished second in his age category and seventh overall for the sprint distance. Lisa finished third in her age category and ninth among females for the sprint distance.

Lisa, Randy Steve and Sam after the finish of (Randy's) North Country Triathlon
We just returned from a visit to Quebec City. Much of the Fort Ticonderoga history connects to history in Quebec, so we wanted to complete the study. We recommend a visit to this beautiful city.

In Quebec City, Chateau Frontenac behind us.

Julia and Kellan at Fort Ticonderoga.


From Bruce:

The big news in our family is that Kristen & Brad Belina are expecting a baby in May, making Heidi a GRANDMOTHER! We are all very happy for them.

Korey, the mother to be's sister, moved to the big & scary NYC a while back and is doing quite well. Currently, she is working at The Plaza restaurant while she searches for a salon to continue her hair styling career. It's quite a serious & lucrative position at The Plaza in the meantime and Korey is enjoying the NYC life.

Darcy, Heidi's other daughter, is still at Florida Hospital as a Social Worker/Case Manager, but now working in Pediatrics. She is working in the pediatric intensive care unit, as well as oncology.

Lorienne, Win's daughter, is in Oregon finishing her undergrad in Psychology, then onto her doctorate in Occupational Therapy. Rock on Lorienne!

Kim & I are off to Italy this week for our long awaited honeymoon, we will bring past issues of The Buzz with us for entertainment in Italy.

That's it for for our end of the family. Not many pictures, sorry. I'll be taking lots of pictures in Italy, when I'm not reading The Buzz of course.


From Brett:

I am still here in Maine until probably mid-May. We have moved into another rental that should prove to be better able to fend off the winter gauntlet. I am still working at Mile Memorial Hospital in Damariscotta, enjoying the outdoor venues from kayaking to hiking to competing in some triathlons. Thank goodness Autumn is here because the bug (aka "pest") population has been quite awful up here, at least for me!