October 2009


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From Barbara:

I was plagued with horrendous sciatic pain down my left leg and had to spend most of the summer lying down in a fetal position. Fortunately the shore and lounge chair on our deck is a lovely place to recover. Three epidural/steroid injections and lots of physical therapy have helped me to feel considerably better. Hooray! I can sit which I could not do before. However, I am not entirely out of the woods! I'll be returning back to Short Hills the end of September and hope that continued physical therapy will do the trick.

Bobbi (Barbara Orchard Engler)

From Jeff:

Not much to report from our shoot of the CHE branch. Sis and Wes, having spent the summer in Pennsylvania are preparing for their annual migration south for the winter. Al and Janet and their family are settling into the new school year with Greg entering his senior year at Drexel and Kevin in high school. Steve and Donna remain happily ensconced in Charleston.

Claire and I had a staycation this summer to put up a garden shed in a newly designated garden area out in our yard. It wasn't so much that vegetables would not grow previously, but that we were permanently last on line for them after any number of little (and not so little) woodland creatures. When we had a note at the back door from a fox asking if we'd mind raising chickens to balance out his diet, we realized action was required. So now the garden will be behind a six foot wall/fence. Once the shed has been approved by Gil and the garden layout by Barbara, planning can commence for next spring.

From Sis:

Grandma’s Birthday Celebration at Charlie’s House

July 24th the sun broke through the clouds just in time for those gathering at Charlie’s new house to enjoy his wide lawn with huge oaks sloping down to the water’s edge.  He even produced a doe with a baby deer to complete the picture.  His house is a marvel and everyone enjoyed a tour.  Lunch on the deck was a great place to visit and catch up with the news.

Bob and Sandy are kept busy keeping up with the many activities of their grandchildren who all live close by.  How nice for them all! 

Sandy and Keith Jackson bounce back and forth during the summer between their house at Lake George and their home on the Delaware in Titusville.  Both a great place to be so how can you go wrong!

June is getting used to Cliff’s new schedule of living in a group home 3 days and then home the rest of the week.  On one of his days at home, he really enjoys horseback riding.

Liz and her family have moved this year to an old farmhouse in Gladstone.  They all enjoy it very much. However, they discovered that they were unhappily sharing it with a cluster of bats.  It took a mighty effort to discourage these unwanted guests.

Bruce and Kim are happily making plans for their November wedding.  June and Sis offered their services as professional flower girls.  It turns out their resumes were a bit rusty – say 70+ years and Kim and Bruce graciously declined.

Mary brought with her some clippings and pictures she had found in a drawer at PeterHaven.  These were announcing the engagement and wedding of Pat and Cliff.  She sent them home with Bruce for Pat to enjoy.

Lynn brought a broccoli salad that was much admired.  Hopefully the recipe will be included somewhere in this BUZZ for all those who requested it.  Jonathan was able to join the group.  He is at Rider studying web design and a lot of other things I don’t understand.

Charlie is enjoying his new house – so close to his sailing and other favorite things.  He has turned it into a wonderful home and we wish him the best.

Wes and I are happily planted on our hill in PA.  What a nice cool summer so far!  Only turned the AC on twice.  We’re off to FL again after election day in Nov.  We loved having this opportunity to see so many dear faces.


From Charlie:

Great Grandma's Birthday Party!!!

On July 24, in the tradition established by June, many years ago, a group of cousins, etc, got together to remember Mattie Mae's birthday. This year was her 136th!

And this year, June, Liz, Bobby, Sandy, Keith, Sandi, Lynn, Jonathan, Mary, Bruce, Kim, Sis, Wes, and Charlie were able to find #6 Panorama in Clinton, a temporary change of venue (authorized by June).

Many others expressed sorrow that great distance kept them from attending. Margie, for instance was happy to hear that this birthday tradition was still alive and well, and said she will never forget the dining porch at Lake George covered with 100's of permanent birthday cards!

Plan on it next year!


Just a few of the photos:

Follow this link for all the photos from the party

Follow this link for all the photos from the party


From Lynn:

Lynn, Peter, Charlie, Jonathan, Lauren & Dane ended the summer with a perfect vacation at Lake George.

Charlie treated us to a tour of the lake by motorboat!

It was fun to see Great Grandma's house again.

When we were kids, our parents used a hose draped across the rock to limit our roaming to “safe” areas.  It appears that parents today feel the need for fences!

By coincidence, we had the pleasure of our trip coinciding with Mary's fabulous "See and Ski Extravaganza", a one-woman show of her water ski collection - who knew?

Staying at PeterHaven was absolutely beautiful. In addition to seeing many of the Howard Engler clan, right down to the not-quite-one year old Maggie, (most often referred to as "the cutest baby anyone ever saw"), it was fun catching up with Ken and Enid, who took Dad, Peter and Jonathan out for a ride on the Moonlight.

I love it when you get a "technology free" vacation and actually spend time with your family!

Jonathan loved zip-lining, tree climbing and tarzan-swinging at Adirondack Extreme Adventure in Bolton. It was a nail-biter for Lynn and Peter, who would have loved to do it too, but were too busy filming the event. Jonathan had to leave Lake George a day or so early to go back to school, where he is keeping very busy.  In addition to his classes, job and clubs, he was elected "web master" of his fraternity, made PR chair for his dorm and signed on to help a Special Olympics athlete train for his bowling championship!


From Chad & Loretta:

We spent the spring and summer learning some very advanced diving techniques including mixed gases. These allow almost unlimited depth diving. This sounds a little creepy but it really is fascinating.

We chose to take the classes in Florida where we had recently taken cave diving classes. In total we drove from Oklahoma to Florida four times.

As the dives got deeper and longer the amount of gear required increased. On the last dive we each had to haul over 300 lbs. (This was one of the few times that being twice Loretta's size was an advantage in the caves).

The funny thing is at the end of the dive you and your gear weigh 30 lbs less than when you started because of all the gas you have breathed out of the tanks.

Chad (right) Loretta (center) and our Instructor (Left) lining up the tanks we needed aside from the ones on your back.

The cave entrance is at the bottom of the pond in the background.

Looking up (from about 70 feet) at the exit from the cave



Returning from the pinnacle dive of our training, 294 feet deep in a cave system called Eagle's Nest in North Florida, about half way through the stops at different depths that were required to stay safe.

Chad left, Loretta right - the last of 13 decompression stops...


Dropping straight down into the cave entrance
clicking on this photo plays a FLASH movie

You will need to have a flash player to watch it.

The classes and the dives were challenging but we really loved it!

We only wish there were more classes to take.



From Mary:

The HGEnglers

This summer was a remarkable one in terms of family face time. Peter and Carole came East for a record three weeks! They were on hand during Randy’s North Country Triathlon and thus were part of the massive Engler contingent, which ran the gamut from racers (Steve and Lisa Engler) to every aspect of volunteer tasks (Jenny, Jordan, Bart, Jen, Mary, Tom, Jeff, Sally, Catie, Peter, Carole, Gil, Ken—did I forget anyone?) The NCT was a huge success with 330 racers. Mary interviewed many as she sold them merchandise and they all gushed about the perfect size of the event, the beautiful location, and the friendly volunteers.


The NLGYC Opening Picnic was another great family day. The HGEnglers occupied a huge table, since all four siblings were in attendance for the first time in many years and it was a wonderful time! Also, that picnic marked baby Maggie’s debut to the NLGYC scene with all of the Behr/Barton/Wilson ladies wearing Lilly in honor of Dorothy. Mary also debuted her new boyfriend, Tom, who was a good sport about meeting hundreds of people in such a short time.

That same week, we also had a huge family gathering one sunny day on the beach. The sand was teeming with babies—Dorothy would have been thrilled. We corralled them into one big Adirondack chair for a few seconds to take a snap: Kellan Bartlett is holding Sam Engler, Julia Bartlett is holding Maggie Wilson, and Luke Engler is holding Cole Engler, who is clearly up to no good.
Peter Haven was once again visited by the Peter Broderson family and it was great fun to see Eric and Lydia’s oldest son Logan make some Lake George ties with our young neighbor, David. June and Cliffie came up for a few days, too. We also had a week’s visit from Peter and Lynn, with Charlie and Jonathan and Lauren & Dane each stopping by for a few days. They were on hand to attend the grand opening of Mary’s See & Ski Extravaganza, a water ski museum located in downtown Hague.
But wait, there’s more! Jeff turned 60 this year; in honor of this milestone, he received Uncle Arthur's raccoon coat (from Betsey, who got it from Charlie). And we have two engagements to announce: Randy Engler to Leslie Quinn, and Chris Engler to Kate Neafsey. We’re thrilled to welcome these lovely ladies to the family!

From Robin:

All is well with the Robert Lee Branch.

Sandy and Bob:
Mom and Dad are doing great.  Mom has been playing golf almost every Tuesday this summer, and continues to have weekly bridge outings.  Dad is still working but enjoyed taking the occasional day off to go fishing with Tyler and Evan.

Robin and Tom:
I have taken golf a little more serious this summer, since I realize I will need to do so in order to spend quality time with my husband.  Still seems like a crazy game to me, but all you need is that one good shot that just keeps you coming back.  Tom is currently on a guy golfing trip to Williamsburg.

Ryan has traveled quite a bit this summer with his band.  Their CD “Spider Rockets” can be heard on I-tunes.

Stephen began his junior year at Lebanon Valley College.  He is still majoring in Music Recording Technology.  He continues to play his Sax in numerous bands and ensembles.

Tyler just turned 16 and has passed his written driving test.  The next step is 6 hours behind the wheel and the dreaded permit.  He enjoyed a summer full of sailing, and is now involved in Marching Band.

Bob and Laura:
Bob and Laura continue to work very hard.  Bob spends a lot of hours working along side my Dad.  It is scary how he is actually picking up some of Dad’s mannerisms. 

Emily graduated college in the spring and just recently acquired a brand new puppy along with her boyfriend Matt.  The puppy is an adorable labradoodle, named Bromley.

Eric is in his sophomore year at Rutgers.  He is still pursuing an engineering degree. When I saw Eric about month ago, I swore he got taller.  Is it possible to get taller with working out?   Anyway he still gives the best hugs.

Beth and Tim:
Beth continues to be Taxi Mom.  She and Tim both volunteer a tremendous amount of time in the kid activities.

Sophie sailed quite a bit this summer and was also on the yacht club swim team.  She is now on a pretty competitive team for the winter.  She also plays the piano, sax, is in Girl Scouts, soccer and I am sure many other activities that I can’t keep up with.

Evan also sailed this summer and was on the club swim team.  He is now playing soccer, hockey, flag football and is in cub scouts.

Grant will be 5 on Christmas.  He goes to school 5 mornings a week this year. This is his first year playing recreational soccer.

Hope the rest of the Engler clan is doing well.  We all look forward to hearing about the rest of the family.

KGE family:

We had the pleasure of having Karen and her children, Julia and Kellan, with us most of the summer. The kids attended the day camp program at our little Yacht Club, just as Ken, Karen and Steve had done growing up. (Many of the HGEs and WWH kids attended this program as kids too.)

Steve, Lisa and Samuel visited for a week and several weekends during the summer. In early October we chartered a 40 foot canal boat with them on the Erie Canal. We spent a pleasant week going slowly through about 85 miles of the Canal east and west of Rochester. We tied up each night at a different small town along the canal. The locks and lift bridges were quite an experience. Steve and Lisa added many miles by bicycle, and got all the way to the end of the canal at the Niagara River one day while Enid and Ken took care of Sam moved the boat eastward. (Photo of the five of us on the boat attached.)

We enjoyed getting together with most of the P. Brodersons and C. H. Englers when each of these groups rented houses at the HGE’s Peter Haven “resort complex” here on Lake George this summer.

Last winter we were proud of ourselves for getting in more downhill ski days. We had fun skiing with Karen, Jud, Julia and Kellan at the Middlebury Snow Bowl. It’s not a huge mountain, but it is great for the kids. Skiing with our grandchildren is great - at least until they become more aggressive skiers than we are.

As some may remember, both Grandma’s point and ours at Lake George were the site of Camp Mohican from 1909 until about 1925. Since this year was the 100th anniversary of the founding we decided that it needed to be commemorated. Some of the descendants of the founder, Charles Batchelor, still have a summer home in Hague, (next door to Peter Haven). We invited them to the event, and they brought some wonderful memorabilia of the camp. We were able to show everyone some artifacts of the camp that still exist. One of their pictures shows a tent on the site of Grandma’s house. There was no record of the big kettle on Grandma’s point being used for campfires, but everyone agreed that it must have been used that way. Pete Broderson remembered hearing that the camp closed down because of a drowning. Ken didn’t remember ever hearing that, but the Batchelor family confirmed Pete’s recollection. It was Charles Batchelor’s three year old son who drowned on the beach in the bay behind Grandma’s house in about 1920. The family records attributed that as the reason Charles Batchelor gave up the camp. He apparently sold it to Roscoe Slack, who some may remember owned the log cabin in the bay behind Grandma’s house until about 1960.

While on a trip to Cape Cod this summer, we drove by Aunt Ruth’s old house and visited her grave. The house seems to be freshly painted, well tended and fully occupied, (photo attached). We’re happy to report that the headstone has been properly engraved with her years of birth and death along with Uncle Charlie’s dates. (Photo attached). For those who saw the headstone next to the Wallander headstone at the time of Aunt Ruth’s funeral and were too polite to take a picture of it then, we also offer you another chance to see the wording on that one. Apparently Aunt Ruth and Uncle Charlie have an interesting neighbor.


From Bruce:

News from Heidi's daughters:
-Kristen Fritz was promoted to a position in the ICU at Denver Health (Her title is still R.N.)

-Korey Fritz graduated from the Aveda Institute and is now a licensed cosmetologist. She is employed at a new trendy salon in downtown Tallahassee, FL.

-Darcy Fritz graduated from Florida State University with a Master's degree in social work. She is actively looking for employment.



Bruce Engler will marry Kim Quigley on November 7th, 2009 (if I survive fixing up my house, selling my house and paying for a wedding all during this challenging economy...I will survive, I just like to have something to bitch about :)

From Brett:

I am currently working in Washington state at St Clare hospital in Lakewood just south of Tacoma. The weather has been very cooperative, allowing me to explore Mt Rainier, the Olympic Peninsula, and the San Juan Islands. I have yet to revisit North Cascades National Park and other regions of the state before my assignment ends early November with the possibility to extend another month. As one may surmise, the outdoors are more important to me than nursing, which is a bellwether for the future.

As for my mother, she is doing fine and continues to enjoy exercising at the local YMCA, going to church, and volunteering. She hopes to begin a new volunteering program at the local library reading to little schoolchildren in the coming weeks. Since she had to put down her cat in late Spring, she has been enjoying my cat's company while I am out here. They have been keeping each other company

Mattie's passport