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The annual Engler family Christmas party was held at the home of Lynn and Peter in Lebanon N.J. Their home was decorated beautifully for the holidays with their special Christmas tree with hanging glass prisms in one room complemented by additional decorated trees in several other rooms. The food was good and certainly abundant. The dessert selection was amazing.

There was a good turnout with senior cousins Charlie and Bobbye, and June plus Cliff in attendance. Liz and husband Ben (who estimated he had not been in over a dozen years) were there along with son Cameron and daughter Mackenzie. Peter and Pat were another wonderful welcome surprise, driving down from Vermont while in the midst of moving to their new home! The Sis branch was represented by Claire and Jeff, plus Al, Janet and sons. Bob and Sandy plus Robin, Beth and daughter Sophie drove up from the shore. Ken Engler was solo as Enid was in New Hampshire helping Karen and Jud await the birth of their second child. Jeff, Sally, Caitlin and Christopher were there from upstate New York while Gil and Barbara just managed to get to the party having been in Connecticut visiting Catherine and Eric. Sandie and Keith were in attendance. Aunt Pat and Bruce arrived by car, with Brett arriving by bicycle from Madison! Our gracious hosts, Lynn, Peter, Lauren and Jonathan have a wonderful house for a party and a good time was had by all.



Sandie Jackson reports the party that Enid threw for Mary Behr's graduation was very nice. There were about 50 people. Betsey read a note from Tom (Mary's Dad) and another group arrived with mortars and a graduation proclamation. (

Peter and Carole were in from California and at Mary's party. They were spending some time at the Lake and also heading off for Peter's 40th college reunion at Bucknell.


Jeff and Claire report they are in the midst of a renovation to their house. The kitchen, master bedroom, and bathrooms all are being redone. The renovation required work on three of the four chimneys, however, the mason arrived and promptly started his work on the fourth! While the work on the house continues, Claire and Jeff are taking Claire's teenage niece with them and escaping to London for a vacation this month.

Dad celebrated his 70th Birthday this year (July 7) Mom and Dad are both doing great! They keep looking at houses threatening to move, but I doubt they will ever go far. Even though the threat of hurricane season makes them look more I'm sure you can understand.   :-)

Not much else new....I'm happy to report it’s been a nice quiet year so far! Take care, Suzanne

Update from proud Grandpa Dick -

Danielle Elizabeth Harris

Born - August 8, 2006   

Weight - 9lbs. 5oz.

Length - 20 3/4 inches

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Everyone is well.


Rick & Jaq came in this last weekend to get peek and gave their approval.

Arlene and I of course, both highly approve.


Birth of New Grandson

Bill and Sue's son, William Robert Engler, to be known as "Will" was born 3/2/06 at 8:50 a.m.  He checked in at 7lbs. 14 oz. Length 21 1/4 inches. Mom, baby and proud Dad are doing well. Gammy is very excited.  Sue's parents sent me a picture.  The handsome fellow looks just like his Daddy. 

Love, Barbara (Bobbi, Gammy)



June reports that she, Cliff and the dogs all moved into a new house this spring. Cliff took the move very well but the dogs were a bit confused and felt they should be returning to their old home. The new home is less than a mile from their previous address. The new address is 635 Old Dutch Road, Bedminster, NJ 07921. The phone number remains the same.

Walker Lee Broderson was born on December 9, welcomed by 2 year old Logan and his proud parents, Lydia and Eric Broderson in Shaftsbury, Vermont.  Grandparents Pat and Pete were living with them at the time waiting the finishing of their new house in Shaftsbury.

News from Liz and Ben, Cameron and Mackenzie Stabile...

Since November, Ben has been the C.T.O. - chief technology officer of a small, boutique munies fund in Rockefeller center... the job is great, the commute is way lengthy!!!

Cameron and Mackenzie both fenced this year and were on the honor roll.

Cam got the fabulous experience of fencing in the state championship, and his weapon of choice is 'foil', Mackenzie’s was 'sabre' ... Bernardsville is number 1 in New Jersey!!! The girls finished second, and Cameron will continue, don't know is Mackenzie will, though...

Liz is not teaching this summer, but busy with the little things in life, and schlepping Cameron to a calculus a/b course at Newark academy from 8:00 - 12:30 m-f for 6 long weeks. Cameron is doing well, and I joined a gym to hopefully acquire 'buns of steel' ... at almost 50 ... am gettin' there!!!

Cameron too, is working at the Gladstone tavern, making little, but doing it nonetheless ... Mackenzie hostesses there too, when her busy social agenda has an opening. Mackenzie’s best friend who lives in Atlanta was visiting for 5 weeks, before spending a year in Germany ... Mackenzie is obviously distressed...

Cameron passed his driver's test and is now on the road!!! He must remember all that must be done on the road, as well as shoes and a wallet!!!

Oooo... had a grand time decorating my porch and yard this summer:  planting grass, a butterfly bush, hostas and more: hanging impatients, hanging ivies, ivied topiaries, tropical plants on a baker's shelf, spiders and babies galore, tomatoes and basil and nastursiums - edible leaves and flowers for a salad. have been a true delight!!! And how could I forget the funky walking iris, or the great kangaroo paw fern!!!

We are all fine, hot and bothered, but hey, this is summer!!!

Hope all is well with you and yours!!!


Congrats to Sandy and Bob as they celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary on August 25th.


 Kellan Stewart Bartlett was born December 23rd at 6:15 in the evening.  He was 7 pounds, 11 ounces and was 20 inches long. Karen and Kellan weren’t to get out of the hospital until December 26th so Julia, Jud, Steve, Lisa, and all four grandparents put the clock on hold for a day and celebrated Christmas on the 26th.

Other than that, life goes along well. We sailed with friends in the BVI in March. Enid works one day a week in the museum at Fort Ticonderoga. Both of us are still busy with lots of house and boat projects at LG.


Betsey retired May 26th after 28 years in the medical malpractice claims handling business. It's actually more of an adjustment than I would have anticipated. Mary graduated May 23rd from Parsons The New School for Design with her Master in Fine Arts in Design and Technology. Her thesis exhibit runs in NYC until June 2. Jenny and Jordan returned from a holiday in Puerto Rico with an unusual souvenir - a puppy, now named Lola. She's a lab and shepherd and who knows what else mix, and my first grand-dog.

Announcing Baby Boy Engler born to son, Bart, and wife, Jennifer, arriving at about 9:30 Sunday evening and weighing in at 7 lbs. 2 oz and measuring 20 ¾” long.  No name for the lad as yet but focus groups and teams of lawyers are working diligently on the issue.  Mom, baby and Dad are all doing well thus far and the new grandfather and step-grandmother are greatly relieved and very happy to have our new little man in the world.  Baby Engler was not so sure he agreed as evidenced by the discovery of his vocal cords shortly after birth almost drowning out his Dad’s attempt to deliver the news over the phone.  The hospital was able to finally secure from General Quarters when, within the hour, Baby Engler began to learn about the proverbial feed bag.  All was quiet during the second phone call.  Another new life begins.

Best to all,



Luke Barton Engler, 7 May 2006, to son Bart and wife Jennifer in Daytona Beach, FL

Rachel Abigail Schneider, 6 February 2006, 7lb. 2oz. to Barbara’s daughter, Catherine, and husband, Eric Schneider in Norwalk, CT


Jean Elsin Morris and Robert Lee Engler were married on October 25, 1928 in Elizabeth, New Jersey at Trinity Episcopal Church. Aunt Ruth was one of the bridesmaids. A reception immediately followed the ceremony at the Elizabeth Town & Country Club. Because of prohibition, orange blossoms were the only drinks served, regardless; a good time was had by all.

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