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Mt. Vernon Cemetery – History, Updates and Resources

Thanks to contributions from many family members and the efforts of Gil, the family grave has been made as good as new.
Below are photos of the repaired grave site and further below is a photo of the grave when it was in need of help.

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Want to visit the cemetery? It's at the corner of Ridge and Lehigh avenues, in Philadelphia, check the hours before going.

Photo from before the repair of the grave site:

The family grave in disrepair...

Documents concerning the purchase and upkeep of the family plot.
(Click on any document for the full-size version)

1/1/1928 receipt

10/1/1928 receipt

1/16/1891 receipt for John's grave
1/31/1895 receipt for Kate's grave

12/2/1970 receipt for monument

12/4/1970 receipt for perpetual care

1/29/1928 receipt for monument and 4 markers

1/7/1971 receipt for monument inscription

6/18/1912 Receipt for grave at death of Urlulsa Engler

Receipts for burrial of Ursula and receipt for burrial of CHE Sr.

1/21/1970 receipt for burrial of Mattie

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